• MAC OS10.9+
  • WIN7...WIN10
  • VL70m, PLG100VL, PLG150VL
  • Supports up to 8 VL-Units (Poly, Mono and Unison configurations)
  • Supports usage of multiple controllers (eg. Keyboard and breath controller)
  • MIDI-THRU support


  • Large library containing 1000+ voices organized by library and category
  • Store your modified or new patchers into library
  • Create new libraries
  • Import voices from .LIB, .ALL .MID .SYX
  • Import voices received via VL70m Current Voice Dumpout (*1)
  • Add voices as Favorites
  • Load individual effect presets


  • Visual & real-time editing of all VL parameters
  • 4 editors, VL-Element, Common & System, Effects and Tuning
  • Keyscale and Breakpoint editor
  • Configurable colortheme
  • Detailed tooltips based on VL guidelines of Manny Fernandez


  • Set, store and load scales
  • Advanced Tuning of each individual note, manually or automated


  • Record, Play, Store and load single channel midi phrases
  • Assign midi controllers to most parameters using midi CC learn [premium feature]
  • Read and change VL70m system settings
  • Midi Connection tester for VL70m
  • Export of voice to MIDI file format [premium]
  • Ability to send Midi Program Changes to trigger sending a voice from the Library
  • Voice Compare feature (compare your changes with the originally loaded voice)
  • Monitoring input of BC, VT, PB, AT controllers, note number
  • Octave Up and Down of midi-thru 
  • Store voices into CUSTOM / INTERNAL slots of VL70m
  • Store voices into EX5 VL  (16 CUSTOM Slots)
  • Upload and edit VL70m Internal Frontpanel parameters
  • Add comments and picture and other information to a voice
  • Parameter Snippet Tool (record, store and load parameters. Eg. EQ settings)
  • Send user specific sysex data (eg. to intialize your yamaha synth for using PLGVL)


The software is fully compatible with Turbochip VL70m units. You can take full benefit of the VL-Wizard software with the only exception that the Element parameters of a Patchman voice can not be loaded and modified. This limitation has been requested by Patchman Music.  The good news is that you may load, edit and store the Common parameters of a Turbochip voice. 

  • Element : fundamental parameters the define the characteristics of a voice,  the Driver, Body, Modifiers, 128 note Tuning.
  • Common: effects, controller assignment & curves, treble, bass, EQ, scaling.

How to modify a Turbochip voice?

  1. select via the VL70m front panel a Turbochip voice and store it into an INTERNAL memory slot.
  2. use the DUMPOUT feature to send the INTERNAL memory slot number to the VL-Wizard.
  3. the software will load the INTERNAL parameters (effects, envelops, Bass, Treble, volume, controllers, scaling etc.)
  4. the common and effect editors are available to modify the INTERNAL parameters while you listen to your changes.
  5. once happy you store back your changes into any INTERNAL memory slot of the VL70m. This is done using the CST tool.
  6. you can now recall the Turbochip voice via it's INTERNAL memory slot number. 

The VL-Wizard can not overwrite the voices stored into the PR1 and PR2 banks. These voice banks are hardcoded into the VL70m ePROM chip (Factory, Turbochip or Windlist).

kind regards

ImoxPlus BVBA (Rudy Verpaele) implemented the Turbochip voice blocker on specific request of Patchman Music LLC (Matt Traum). This does not imply a partnership or agreement between both parties.