VL70m Editor F.A.Q



On what platforms does it run?     
The software runs on the commonly used MAC OS10.9+ and WIN7 - WIN10 platforms. There are no special requirements except that you need a good midi-interface.
It does NOT run on Window XP, iPad, Android, Linux.

What is possible with the VL-Wizard?  
As a VL-patch editor it allows you to Load, Store, Modify, Improve, Organise, Copy, Create, Compare, Share, Dumpout, and Study VL-voices. It contains well organised editing screens for the VL-Element (the actual VL-voice), detailed Tuning, Common & Controllers parameters, and the VL70m effects. These editor screens allow you to improve the playability of your VL sounds, tweaking parameters in real-time and immediately hearing the changes you make.

The VL-Wizard allows you to control up to 8 VL-units. With a bit of effort you can also take full control over the PLG-VL cards in your MOTIF ES, S30--S90, CS6x/r, MU128, MU1000, MU2000 etc. With a bit of effort you can setup a poly VL configuration or layer multiple VL units resulting in more expression and realism.

What kind of wind controllers do work with the VL-Wizard?
Any wind controller able to send BC midi data will work. Synthophone, EWI, TEC, BC2, BC3, WX series, etc.

Does the VL-Wizard demo version include a full patch library?
YES, you get access to well over a thousand VL-Voices I have collected over the years.

Can I store new patches into my VL70m CUSTOM bank or the VL-Wizard Library?
YES, Only after purchasing a license. The DEMO version does not allow this

Can the VL-Wizard work with a VL1 or VL7 synth?
NO, these synths have a different voice architecture, so their VL-parameters are not exactly the same. 

If you are a VL1 owner then please contact me and tell me your needs. I will consider to build a VL1 editor when I receive enough requests.



I own a VL70m but I have no time or expertise in VL-sound design, why would I consider buying a license?
First, the VL-Wizard allows you to control the VL70m without having to use its frontpanel parameters. You can use the software for basic sound editing such as volumes, effects, filters, controller assignments, bass, treble, tremolo, vibrato, rename voices, store into CST and INT banks etc...in other words, you can get a lot of value out of the VL-Wizard without the need to touch the heart of the VL-patch (the element). But believe me, you will quickly find your way to the VL-Element and play around with the modifiers to alter the timbre, feel, warmth, and responsiveness of the patch.

I own a VL70m with Turbochip. Can I use the VL-Wizard?
Some Turbochip owners are unsure about the value the VL-Wizard can offer and are a bit confused. Let me therefore officially mention that the VL-Wizard is 100% functional on TURBOCHIP VL70m units. ALL FEATURES WORK FINE, you can store up to 6 voices from the VL-Wizard library into your Turbochipped VL70m, you can even edit all front-panel parameters. The only restriction is that theVL-Wizard does not allow you to load, store or edit a Turbochip voice from within the software. You can however still change Patchman Turbochip voices and load new voices from the VL-Wizard library into your VL70m.

- tryout the demo version, load and listen to the fantastic voices found in libraries such as Best of Web, Wietze Krikke, Bill Bush, Manny Fernandez, Dan Powell. 
- tryout the special feature to DUMPOUT an INTERNAL voice to the VL-Wizard, edit and store the modified parameters back into the VL70m. This feature only loads the VL70m front panel parameters of your Turbochip voice. You can therefore edit the controllers, effects, bass, eq, volume and more of a Turbochip voice.

Can I use the VL-Wizard for live performances?
The VL-Wizard is oriented towards sound design and although not made for this purpose, it has features allowing you to use it during live performance e.g. midi-CC assign to parameters, fast loading from patch library, etc.  My next project is a VL-performer software, which will be oriented towards live performances with the VL70m. I'm investigating how to build this VL-Performance software as a VST plug-in.

Is the VL-Wizard a VST plug-in?
NO, it is a standalone software.

Can I use VL-Wizard in MainStage?
NO, it is a standalone application, but Premium license users can export their VL-Voices to a midi file and MainStage allows you to send the contents of a midi (sysex) file during the loading of a channel strip. Additionally Premium users can send Bank Select and Program changes to the standalone VL-Wizard application, the corresponding voice will be send to the VL70m.

Why should I buy a premium license that is 3 times more expensive then the basic license?
With a basic license you have to pay for upgrades, new features.  For example, if I would release a new VL-performer extension then premium license owners get it without paying extra while basic license owners have to pay a fee. Additionally premium license owners get priority services in case of questions.

Please also consider this...After 2,600 hours of project time I stopped counting..so, this is a huge effort I have made to bring your VL70m/PLGVL back to life...having the money from the Licenses allows me to invest in VL related technology and software. Maybe this will stimulate me to turn the VL70m experience into the development of a VST VL synth. So, buying a license = increasing my commitment to the VL evolution.

I'm living in a country outside the EU, must I pay EU tax when purchasing license?
If you live outside EU then NO tax will be charged.
If you live inside EU then YES tax will be charged. This tax is specific for your EU country and payed back using a the EU MOSS system. 

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