Controller setting for Yamaha Ex5

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Controller setting for Yamaha Ex5

Post by winter07 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:56 pm

Greeting VL-Wizard forum!

I recently purchased an Yamaha EX5 and am interested to make the VL sounds work with my Akai EWI. Since there is not much written here about the EX5, I want to share my progress so far and also solicit advice from more experienced users.

At this point, I have only tried the evaluation version of VL-wizard. I was able to make the MIDI connections by following the manual and using the sysex command example that was included. Since my EWI is the USB version, I needed to set the MIDI in port to 'Thru', which I gather is a non-standard configuration. Once that is configured the EX5 responds to the EWI and downloads patches from the VL-Wizard.

I am a bit puzzled though about setting up the controllers. The EX5 seems to be different than the VL70m in that the EX5 allows for 16 different user selected parameters to be controlled in realtime. Each parameter (e.g. VL pressure) takes multiple control inputs such as mod wheel or breath control. By ear, these modulated parameters hit their full dynamic range when the depth setting is around 32 (max depth is 63). On the VL-Wizard interface the assignment of controllers to parameters appears to be ignored by the EX5. Adjusting the curvature for the controls works as expected. The range setting appears to work the opposite of what I had expected. Dragging the right end of the mapping control down does not change the maximum parameter value but brings the minimum parameter value up. This is useful for tuning the minimum breath pressure needed to make a sound.

To summarize, the recipe that I have been following is to: load a patch using the VL-wizard; configure the corresponding controllers, VL-parameter targets, and depths on the synth; adjust the control range and curvature on the VL-wizard interface. I am curious if others use this synth similarly or have a more elegant solution?




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Re: Controller setting for Yamaha Ex5

Post by VL-Wizard » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:59 pm

Yes, the EX5 is a real powerhouse. But this synth has still a considerable amount of secrets for me...
On the VL-Wizard interface the assignment of controllers to parameters appears to be ignored by the EX5
Correct, the VL-Wizard Controller assignment is not compatible with the EX5. So this must be done via the EX5 frontpanel (for now).

The EX5 allows to assign (via the front panel menu) 16 Controller sources (VC1 till VC16) to 21 VL destination parameters.
- Put the EX5 into VOICE MODE
- Press the grey button - EDIT -> CTRL F7 -> SET F8
- Now you can activate the source controller and set the VL destination parameter + depth. (As of 126 till 146).

Correct, the VC sensitive curve can not be set on the EX5. (see Page 46 - Table 4 - EX5 listbook). This is only possible via the VL-Wizard (see COMMON PART & SYSTEM EDITOR). These 10 Controller curves do change the actual VL-voice element (See page 48 - Table 7 - EX5 listbook). Therefore the VL-Element should still react accordingly. But the EX5 display will not reflect the changes.

Please keep posting your EX5 VL experiences...very much appreciated...


PS: Interesting side observation: EX5 has MicroTuning for VL. This is cool...

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