FREE: New set of VL Reed voices

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FREE: New set of VL Reed voices

Post by VL-Wizard » Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:38 pm

Hereby a new collection of VL Reed instruments to be played with Breath Controller. Much better then the initial ones I released.

ALL USERS: feel free to download this free library and please provide comments so I can further improve my VL sound design skills.

INSTALLATION: Simply unzip this attached file into the folder VL-Voices/imoxplus/ then open the Voice Browser and double click on the IMOXPLUS library to force a rebuild of this library. The patches will become available under the category RealReeds.
(37.12 KiB) Downloaded 464 times
IMPORTANT: these voices have been digitally watermarked. You may use these freely, modify, share etc..but you are not allowed to commercialise them.

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