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Changing VL70m system settings with VL-Wizard

Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 5:27 pm
by VL-Wizard
Yes, the VL-Wizards has a feature to request the system parameters of your VL70m unit and change them without the need to use the VL70m front panel.

1) Open the Common-System image editor
2) Click the WX icon image under the label SYSTEM. This will send a request for VL70m SYSTEM dumpout.
3) The VL70m will return its system settings to the VL-Wizard. If not, then check your midi-in and out settings / connections
4) The WX icon stays orange color in case the VL-Wiz did not receive VL70m system data.
5) Changing the system parameters on the VLWiz will immediately update the SYSTEM settings of your VL70m.

- This feature does not work for PLGVL units
- The VL70m system settings can not be stored into the library or disk.