I do not see my Favorite voices anymore

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I do not see my Favorite voices anymore

Post by VL-Wizard » Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:31 pm

As of version 5.0.5a the software installation program has been improved to detect if an existing voice library and settings are present. If this is the case then these will not be overwritten.

If the library does not show all voices that exist in the library file folder (syx files) then you can tell the voice browser to rescan the library contents.

example: If your [Favorites] folder contains nnnn.SYX files then we have several ways to tell this to the voice browser.

Option 1) the normal approach is to double click on the [Favorite] library until you see a dialog requesting to confirm a re-indexing. This should scan for all voices in your [Favorites] and rebuild the VLVoiceDB.json file.

Option 2) open the [Favorites] folder, delete the VLVoiceDB.json file. Close and Re-open the voice browser and it will force a re-index and create new VLVoiceDB.json file.

Option 3) last option is to use the import function of the Voice Browser, select the [Favorites] library, click the icon with the (+) sign, select the voice you want to import and if all goes well the voice will be added the the library.

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