How does the Voice Browser work?

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How does the Voice Browser work?

Post by VL-Wizard » Tue May 31, 2016 5:19 pm

* The Voice Browser is designed to keep your VL-Voices organised. It has 3 columns. The left column contains the libraries, the middle contains the categories and the left contains the voices belonging to the selected category. Additional to this you have the TEMPLATE selector at the left. This is actually the same as what Yamaha made available in their Visual Editor. Simply select a Driver and a Body and the appropriate template voices will appear. These template voices allow you to build new voices from "scratch".

* The search function allows you to find a voice within the selected library. The search function does search all tag information. So, it also searches in the comments of each voice. Simply enter a search criteria in this field and press enter. Now you will see the voices that correspond to the criteria. The search function does only search in the selected library and does not search in all available library.

* The Voice Browser requires access to the VL-Voice folder path that is defined in the settings screen of the VL-Wizard. This VL-Voice folder does contain subfolders that represent the different libraries (eg. Bill Busch, Factory, Best Of Web etc..). This folder is verified each time you open the Voice Browser.

* Each subfolder (library) within the VL-Voice folder contains syx files. Each syx file represents an individual VL-Voice. These syx files also contain tag information of the VL-Voice (category, image filename, author, comments etc.). The Voice Browser does use this tag information to organise and categorise each VL-Voice, assign an image etc. A special file VLVoiceDB.json is create in the subfolder. This file represents the contents of the scanned library folder and is used to speedup the loading of the library contents. You can force a refresh of the library by double clicking the library name. A dialog will appear requesting to confirm a rescan of the selected library.

* You can load a voice into the working memory by either double clicking the voice name, pressing enter or pressing the right arrow button. Important, quickly loading a voice using the enter key does only work when the mouse cursor is positioned in the voice column.

* When loading a voice the VL-Wizard will also send the voice data into the CURRENT VOICE BANK of your VL70m or PLGVL.

* a special function is available to only load the effects without overwriting the VL-element data of the voice currently loaded. This is done by clicking the little icon with the Truck FX. So, lets say you have loaded voice A into the VL-Wizard and VL70m but you would like to use the effects of voice B. The simply select (highlight) the voice B and press the Load FX button. Now the effects data of the Voice B are loaded into Voice A.

* You can save the voice changes you made by pressing the SAVE button in the Main Control Center. This VL-Wizard will then store the voice data loaded in the working memory into the selected library. The voice DISPLAY NAME and ELEMENT NAME is used to create a filename.

* To "SAVE AS" a voice you simply have to change the DISPLAY and/or ELEMENT name in the Main Control Center and press SAVE button.

* A VL-Voice name may not contain special characters.

* To store a voice under a new category you simply change the CATEGORY name into an existing or new category name and press SAVE button.

* To delete a voice from a library you need to press the DELETE button in the Voice Browser and manually remove the syx file that has the name of the deleted voice.

* To import a voice or voices into a library you need to press the IMPORT (+) button in the Voice Browser and select a valid VL70m file with extension .syx, .all .lib .mid.

* During the import process the VL-Wizard will attempt to categorise the imported voice(s) based on the contents of the voice name.

* The VL-Voice folder contains one special subfolder /IMAGES. This subfolder contains all images used for VL-Voices. Do not move or delete this folder.

* You can assign a new image to a loaded voice by clicking on the CAMERA icon and selecting an image from ../VL-Voices/Images/...

* You can create a new library containing your own VL-Voices and Library cover image. Simply create a subfolder under the ../VL-Voices and copy your VL-Voices (.syx files) into this folder. You can create your own library cover image using following dimensions h 362 x w 604 and format PNG.

* You can mark a loaded voice as FAVORITE by clicking the star icon found that appears when hoovering over the image of the loaded voice. By clicking on this a copy of the loaded voice will be stored into the FAVORITES library.

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