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How to map a MIDI controller to a VLWiz parameter?
First make sure that you can correctly receive midi CC data from your midi controller hardware. This is done by going to the settngs and  switching ON the midi-in port that is connected with your hardware controller.

1- Now open the midi-learn tool image by clicking the Midi-Learn button

2- Click the Record button (ON/OFF)


3- Send a Midi CC by moving a midi-controller knob, slider -> The midi-learn tool will show what CC number it receives
4- Change a parameter on the VLWiz -> The midi-learn tool will show what VL parameter is mapped to the CC
5- Now move the midi-controller knob or slider again and see how the corresponding VL parameter changes.

TIP: some VL-Parameters do respond well to real-time changes while playing the VL70, others do not.
Some parameters can not be mapped to a CC as because they would cause issues with midi-data transfer. (eg. Tuning, Keyscaling)

 Last updated Wed, Apr 13 2016 5:53pm

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