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How to test the connection between VL-Wizard and VL70m
 !!! Important, this test only works for VL70m units !!!

Open the settings by clicking the wheel button image  and navigate to the advanced section of the settings, and click the button Device "CHECK". This will tell the VL-Wizard to perform a send and receive test on the selected VL-Unit number (in the example nr.1).


You will see "TESTING" after clicking CHECK button 

Test result 1: First watch your VL70m front display, it should show the VLwiz icon and your name for a short time. (send test = OK)

Test result 2: Now watch at the left of the Device Check button , the “VL70m” text should appear. (receive test = OK)

Now play a note with your WX Wind Controller and see if the VLwiz reacts. If not then double check the settings and your connections.

Once the connection is correctly established you can go back to the voice browser and double click of press enter key on a selected voice. This will load the voice into the VLwiz and VL70m. As of this point you can start modifying , tweaking voices. 

 Last updated Tue, Mar 22 2016 5:52pm

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