settings for real tenor sax sounds

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settings for real tenor sax sounds

Post by saxninja » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:25 pm

Goal: achieve such a realistic tenor sound that I no longer need to bring my Mark VI to gigs. While I love playing it, there are several venues where having absolute control of volume and mix from stage is essential. The EWI + VL gives me that capability.

This topic is (hopefully) for anyone out there tweaking the settings and working to optimize the best "live rock sax" feel. I've just started myself and will share interesting bits that I discover. Please share your own thoughts.

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Re: settings for real tenor sax sounds

Post by VL-Wizard » Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:51 pm

I might give some tips & tricks based on my experience how the VL element parameters interact...

Tip 1: How to create a natural growl (there are several ways to achieve this but this is for me far more the best approach)
- Open the ELEMENT editor and navigate to the DRIVER section
- Two parameters are key to make your SAX model going kind of chaotic / growling.. GRAHAM FUNCTION ARGUMENT and knob just below - OUTPUT LEVEL
- Increasing the Delta between these two parameters does increase the chance for growling/chaotic effect.
- You can set the Breakpoint/Keyscale for both parameters so that the growling effect is more present in lower or higher note ranges
- Now the pressure level will influence the chaotic/growl effect..
- The standard growl parameter (see element envelops) has not such natural behaviour but you could combining both to push the growling effect even further.
GRAHAMFP2.png (16.48 KiB) Viewed 3420 times
About new Sax Models
I'm constructing some new Sax models which I will publish soon on this forum. These sax models are entirely designed from scratch and have some interesting behaviours. Example: evolving timbre - soft blow pressure resulting in a kind of woody beating flute sound, harder blow increasing the beating and making the sound nastier (growling) and frontal.... I did pay special attention to the breakpoint / keyscale curves of these new Sax models so that the sound (timbre) evolves as natural as possible.

About making sure our newly designed Sax Models stay freely available
I'm a strong believer in freely sharing VL-Voices but I want to ensure my voices are traceable. As a result I will digital watermark the new VL-Models that I'm going to make available for you all. You can use them, change them, rename them etc...what is not allowed is to commercialise any voice derived from them...

For the sake of clarity, the standard voices included in the VL-Wizard library do not contain any digital watermark. But all new VL-models that I will make available to the VL-Wizard users will contain the VL-Wizard watermark.

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Re: settings for real tenor sax sounds

Post by saxninja » Tue May 10, 2016 2:39 am

I will try playing with the Graham function setting soon, so thanks for that tip. Also looking forward to trying any new sax voices you come up with. Again - my goal is to achieve a totally realistic rock/pop tenor voice so if I can try out any voices and provide feedback I would welcome that opportunity.

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