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STEP 1:   Create your personal voice library to store modified voices.
o  Select the folder used by the voice browser. This folder patch can be found below in the settings of the VL-Wizard. 
o  Create a new subfolder within the VL-Voice folder …./VL-Voices/MyVoiceSet01/..
o  Refresh the list of libraries by closing and re-opening the Voice Browser. You should see your new empty library called MyVoiceSet01.
o  Select this library to activate it.

STEP 2: Select a template voice
o  The VL-Wizard library contains a complete set of template voices for all kind of virtual instruments.
o  Go to the voice browser, select the library called TEMPLATES.
o  At the right side of the voice browser you will find 2 group of icons, DRIVER and BODY.
o  Select a DRIVER and BODY type. This will filter the list of templates that fit these criteria.
o  Double click the desired template to load it into the working memory of the VL-Wizard and VL70m.
o  Now the VL-Wizard and VL70m are loaded with a template VL-voice.

STEP 3: Prepare the template voice for optimal editing.
o  First change the display name of the template voice and assign or create a new category (eg. MySaxophones).
o  Press the save button and your renamed template voice will appear in the Library MyVoiceSet01 under the category MySaxophones.
o  Open the Effects editor and load the DRYEFFECT preset. This will ensure you hear a clean VL-Voice while editing.
o  Open the Common & System Editor to set the CC Assignments. Assign the Breath CC and set the curve into the middle for following modules: Pressure, Harmonic Enhancer, Dynamic Enhancer, Breath Noise.
o  Open the Element Editor and navigate to the Breath Noise module. Set the Level Control Balance (Ctrl vs Slit) to the left. This will ensure that the assigned Breath CC can adjust the breath noise level.
o  Navigate to the Tap & Mixing module. Set the Driver and Pipe/String output level to the right. This will ensure that the sound generated via the driver (reed beat breath etc..) is fed into the harmonic enhancer.
o  Go to the Harmonic enhancer. Turn the overdrive level of the carrier and modulator to a bit to the right. Turn the Carrier Level, Modulator index and Harmonic Enhancer Dry/Wet Mix to the middle.
o  Go to the Dynamic filter. Turn the Dry Wet Mix to the middle.
o  Go to the Amplitude & filter section. Turn Control Depth to Filter to the right.
o  Now play with WX breath controller and listen.
o  Press again the Save button to store the modified voice. Change the Voice Display Name in case you want to store it as a new voice.

The above instructions are just guidelines to ensure you do hear the effect of the parameter changes you are doing. During your initial phase of your VL-sound design it is advisable to stay away from the parameters sections that have impact in the tuning/pitch (Embouchure, Beat, Reed Driver, Pressure control, compensation, Parent and child reed, Pipe). Feel free to change any other parameters. Great results can be achieved by setting the parameters of the Mixing & Amp section in combination with the Harmonic Enhancer and Dynamic filter.

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